Championing the Asian food heritage.
The leading sauce supplier in Malaysia.
Care Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.

Malaysia’s leading manufacturer and exporter of authentic Asian sauces.

Consistently right with Asian meals

With over 35 years of experience as culinary experts, we understand the intricacies of asian food. We make it our business to know how each & every ingredient works.
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Customers are at the heart of our business. We are committed to cultivating a strong, sustainable and successful strategic business partnership with our customers that keep both our organizations thriving and growing in the long term.

"The authentic flavors and quality ingredients make Asianmeals a great choice!!"

Helmut F.J Holzer, Certified Master Chefs AAC, World Grand Master Chef, USA

“I am very lucky to sell this great Malaysian products of ASIANMEALS! Asianmeals are a really great high class products and they are great for the American people to be able to eat these 5 stars high class products !!!”

Nick Johnson, President, Asian Etc LLC, Atlanta, USA

"Senang, cepat, sedap di makan, Resepi ringkas buat rakan rakan, Yang mahu mencuba dipersilakan"

Anie Hamid, Johor

“Best instant noodle curry laksa I’ve tasted so far”

Christine Wong, Petaling Jaya

"The range of texture, flavors and aromas with which these sauces and curries arouse the senses, transforming simple and quick meals into gourmet fare. These wonderful, wholesome, all natural AsianMeals are must in every household."

Barb Lance, Personal Chef, USA

“The Garlic Sesame Noodle is heavenly”

Liza Ng, J.B

"Can taste the complexities but it (the flavors) all works so well together!"

Rachel Tepper, Yahoo! food, USA

"I'm shocked this sauce is from a pre-made mix (about the Black Pepper sauce)"

Stephanie Genkin, CNN, USA

"You are great ambassador for Malaysian food"

Dorene Internicola, Reuters, USA
Driven by innovation, Care Food creates and customizes Asian recipes to suit the global palette. Being a trusted specialist in Asian food, we offer our expertise in the following areas of specialization:
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Product design and recipe development
  • Private label arrangements
  • Value-adding products in collaboration with other manufacturers
  • Food service and catering requirements (HORECA)
  • Industrial and institutional requirements
  • General consultancy in Asian food menus




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Today, with a range of over 400 types of Asian recipes, Care Food exports to the USA, UK, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Australia among other countries.

Asian Meals Brand
Championing the Asian Food Heritage

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Care Food Industries Sdn Bhd

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Mickey Quah Kim Bong

Managing Director
Care Food Industries Sdn Bhd

Mickey Quah Kim Bong is a dedicated professional and a member of the International Trade Council. As the Managing Director of Care Food Industries Sdn Bhd, Mickey is involved in manufacturing and exporting high-quality authentic Asian recipes, noodle bowls, and meal kits. The company focuses on providing natural, healthy, safe, and convenient food options that align with modern lifestyle trends and expectations. Read more about our Founder here:





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Interested in premium sauces crafted to perfection?
At Care Food Industries, we specialize in creating a diverse range of high-quality sauces under our own esteemed brand, Asianmeals. Additionally, we offer tailored private label and contract manufacturing solutions to bring your unique sauce ideas to life. Whether you're looking to expand your product line or start a new venture, we're here to help. Get in touch with us today to explore how our expertise can elevate your culinary offerings!
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